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I’m the girl behind the camera.. I have dabbled in photography since the beginning of (my) time. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t had a camera in my hand, even as a child. Photography has always been my hobby and passion. I grew up telling myself that I wanted to become a lawyer, for many years I thought I would follow that career path. When I started college it clicked to me…I couldn’t see myself doing anything except for photography, it was a no brainer. This is where my journey became clear as I started down my path. 

I started professional photography way back when manual camera’s (“What’s a manual camera?”) were still a thing… I spent all my pass time hiding out in a dark room, at least when I wasn’t out photographing super cool things. I’ve mastered skills not only taking photos, but developing my own film,  processing my own prints, and so many more techniques to enhance the tiniest details in my images.

In 2009, I opened my own photography studio following my passion and dreams. At this point, digital photography was the way of the future. Since I’ve always been very driven and a determined artist as well as a person, I knew I had to go back to school again. This time I wanted to learn as much as possible in the digital world of editing so I could give my clients the best quality of images.

During this voyage I found another new and intriguing passion, leading me to the next steps of my journey. I continued my education in Graphic Design. Leading me yet once again, in another area of media… yes, back to school again continuing my education in the media world.

This time I studied Web Development and Film.. So while you browse through my site looking at all of my photography feel free to enjoy all the fun little fun interactions I’ve added. Now that you’ve read this far, to summarize myself… I enjoy all areas of media and I want to create the most creative and memorable images for you.

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